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Teaching resources

• Ongoing tax bibliography (last updated May 23, 2022), by Robin Smith

• Fiscal governance as memes syllabus, by Andreas Streinzer

• Fiscal governance as memes social media assignment explainer, by Andreas Streinzer

Open access anthropology of tax volumes

Beyond the social contract: An anthropology of tax, Social Analysis journal special issue

Governing through taxation, Politique Africaine journal special issue

Other valuable publications from our network

• Migrants and taxes: Challenges of fiscal inclusion in the digital age, by Dora-Olivia Vicol and Nicolette Makovicky

Research projects

• Fiscal Citizenship (HHSRC, DFG, ESRC, 2021-24)

• VAT Fraud: Interdisciplinary Research on Tax Crimes in the European Union (VIRTEU) (HERCULE III)

• Anthropology of Crime, reading list on studying crime (related to Horizon 2020 project, Anthropology of Extortion, UCL)

Combating Fiscal Fraud and Empowering Regulators (Horizon 2020)

FairTax Consortium, Umeå University (Horizon 2020)

• Tax Justice Advocacy: A Toolkit for Civil Society (European Commission, 2009-11)

• Tax Justice Network

• Tax Justice & Poverty (2013-16)

• Trust, Hope, and Democratic Governance Project (REGNET, Australia, 1999-2005)

Research institutes

• Cambridge Tax Discussion Group

• Center for Taxpayer Rights (USA)

International Centre for Tax and Development

OECD, Forum on Tax Administration

 Tax Administration Research Centre (Univ. of Exeter Business School)

The Tax Research Network (UK)

Social media resources

• Center for Taxpayer Rights YouTube channel

• Tax Chat! Center for Taxpayer Rights podcast

Tax in the news, stuff to watch

• Tax revenue from mobile phone use #EndPhoneTax

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